Finnmark Expeditions

Finnmark Expeditions

Prosjektet er avsluttet. Søker har trukket seg.


Finnmark Expeditions


Finnmark Expeditions (SUS)


Esben Budolfsen,


Opptil kr. 175.000,- til forstudie


15. juni 2019 – 31. januar 2020

Beskrivelse fra søker:

Finnmark Expeditions aims to be an ambitious expedition and adventure company that facilitates authentic, responsible and unique expeditions – primarily by ski, kite-ski, dog sled, bicycle, foot, canoe/kayak and diving – to active people who desire to experience and/or learn the practical aspects of an expedition, while also seeking to gain insights in the local way of life, environment and history.
The company has close ties to Kirkenes Snowhotel, as co-founder Esbern Budolfsen is currently employed here. Thus, it is with the encouragement of Kirkenes Snowhotel that Finnmark Expeditions is being set up, with a win-win collaboration as the goal.
We will also work with and integrate other local resources, such as Pasvik Folkehøgskole, and all the relevant individual providers of services, ranging from education, to guides, support and managerial staff.

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